Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just like a Blow Fish

Our programme for our Cub Pack Meeting on Friday was "In a Fishbowl"
We started off with a quick "fish and fungis" game. Pack is divided into two team - half being the fish and the other half the fungi.
They stand facing each other a couple of metres apart.
The leader shouts "f f f f f f f fish" and the fish take 3 steps backwards. The leaders calls f f f f f fungis and the fungi take 5 steps forward. So it carries on until the leader shouts "attack" and the fungi races after the fish and if caught they join the side of the fundi.

It was then on to Instruction and here the Leaping Wolves (and Raksha) are doing their Feats of Skill.

Our Cheethas learnt the Reef Knot

whilst the Lions learnt all about mapping

.... and then it was time for some fun!

Blowfish Fun

Cubs stood in their Sixes and each one given a straw. They had to 'pea shoot' the balloon and see if they could knock it over.

.... not an easy task....

We then moved on to prepare for the Pet's Badge.
Little booklets had been made with all the requirements

Cubs were told what the requirements were and who the Pet's Badge Examiner is.

Another fish in our fishbowl is the Archer Fish who squirts its prey of insects with water droplets. We were going to imitate the Archer Fish with our syringes!

.... and had a good time .....

... trying to put out the candles with the water in the syringes....

Very importantly we invested 3 New Chums.
So welcome to all of them and we do hope they have a great time with us in the Pack.
For some unknown reason, the photos did not come out of the last 2 Investitures.
Parents can email the photos to me if they would like them to appear on the blog.
We are on holiday now till the 17th April
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


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