Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be Prepared - 17th April 2009

Hi there -
we are back for another term of fun and adventure!
Join us each week and see what we get up to!

Our first game was a quick NSWE - just to get the cubs to run off some energy!

We had a special yarn prepared on Sir Edmund Hillary - and how important it is to "be prepared" for any eventuality.

Our craft this week was to make clocks and to be able to tell the time.

Happily cutting out the clocks.

Improving fine motor co-ordination

Further down you will see what activity we did making use of these clocks.

We always need to "be prepared" and here the cubs were given a situation that they were lost on a hike and one of them had broken a leg. They needed to build a stretcher to carry the injured cub to safety.

Finding North without a compass.

This is a very simple and effective method of finding North.

Face the sun and have the 12 on the clock face the sun.
Place you stick on the 12 and make sure the shadow cast, falls through the 6.
We worked out the North was at just past the 2 o'clock position.
See here for more details.

Stretcher fun.....

Once the cubs had assembled their own stretchers, they had to carry their "patient" around an obstacle course and back.

Off course, the girls paid more attention to details and their stretcher actually lasted the whole distance!

The Cheetahs learnt all about road safety and how to cross the road.

Spot the difference!

The Leaping Wolves made conservation stoves and warmed up sausages.

... whilst the Lions learnt more about the recovery position ....
All in all a great meeting of fun for the cubs.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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