Monday, April 27, 2009

Kids Haven Visit - 25th April 2009

On Saturday afternoon we took the 9th Benoni Cub Scouts to visit Kids Haven. Kids Haven is a home that shelters street children as well as those abandoned by their parents as well as children who have lost parents as a result of HIV/Aids.
I placed this photo first as I think it is just a joy to see how happy children can be - no matter what the circumstance.
We started off with a few games of "getting to know you" and then went into a few other run-around games.

Kids run around and the whistle is blown 5 times - kids must group together in 5's.
If the whistle is blown 3 times - kids must group in threes..... and so on.

We then lined everyone up so that we could put them into 3 groups for bases.

Each group had to decide on a suitable name.
They came up with
* Best of the Best
* The Wild Ones
* The Happy Cubs
The one base was to make cars which we were later going to race.
These are made out of recyled items.
Inner from a toilet roll
4 x bottle tops
skewer sticks
The next base they had to make a tube into which a ping-pong ball was placed. They then had to hit a coloured paper plate on the wall.
Those who hit it 5 times, received a reward.
The 3rd base was a fun 'rounders' game where the kids got to hit the ball with any item handed to them. So it could be a bat, a tin, a broom, a hat, a t-sqaure. This is really fun and not all that easy to hit a ball with a strange object!

Racing their home-made cars!

Just watch them go!

We also treated them all to a party!
Thanks to all the parents who so generously donated Easter Eggs, cold drinks and chips.

The children had a bit of free time to play around and they certainly had a fun time.
Kids Haven has 6 homes and house approximately 90 children in the Village.

Each home has a house-mother who looks after a certain number of children.

What an enjoyable visit.
Before we knew it, out time was up and we needed to go home.
Thanks to all the parents and cubs who joined us for this Cub Outing - we hope that you all enjoyed it.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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