Monday, March 23, 2009

Skilful Skunks - 20th March 2009

While Akelas away
The Skunks came out to play!
I have been away on our Provincial Pac Yac - but more about that in a later posting.

Our Steam Release Game was the typical "North, South, East, West" and suitable names given to each point; this time being "smelly socks" "rotten tomatoes" "vrot fish" and "bad bananas".
So when "smelly socks" was called, all cubs had to run to the North Position.

We then went into a bit of Play Acting and each Six was given a scenario. They were given a few minutes to decide how they were going to enact their situation for the rest of the cubs.
Each Six was given a different smell - so one was given "smelly shoes", another was given "old granny's perfume" and another "lovely food cooking" and so on.

This was our special visitor for the meeting - Samual the Skunk! And he brought along with him some dreadful smells!
All the cubs were blindfolded as Samual walked past with all his different smells and they had to guess what they were.
They included:
Vanilla Essence
Cream Soda
Apple Jelly
Ginger Beer
Fish Paste
Tomato Sauce
Peanut Butter
Sta Soft
Parmesan Cheese
The next game up was the Dung Beetle Race
Cubs line up in relay formation and each cub had to push his "dung" to a certain spot ahead.

Some more dung beetles in action!

We have a winner!

Explaining the next game of Vrot Eggs

The hall is demarcated into sections for each Six.
Each Six is then given a number of "vrot eggs" (paper balls). On the word go, each cub in their Six must get rid of the vrot (bad, smelly) eggs in their territory as fast as possible. When the game ends, vrot eggs are counted that still remain in each Six's area. The one wth the least, wins.

Look and listen what happens!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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