Friday, January 15, 2010

Thanksgiving 15 January 2010

Hooray! We are back with another term of fabulous fun!

Our theme this term is "Celebrations" and we started off with "Thanksgiving"
Our steam release game entailed giving each cub a different coloured sweet. They needed to run a short distance and back and then stand in small groups of cubs - all of whom had the same colour sweet. ... nothing difficult!
Once in their little group, they discussed what they were thankful for.

We explained how important the paramedics, doctors, fire-men, police etc were and that we should all be very thankful as these people save lives every day.

One of our cub's fathers is a paramedic from ER24 and he kindly came in to do a quick talk for the cubs.
He showed the cubs the "recovery" position.....
... what to do when someone chokes ....

... and how to use the scarf as a sling ...

The cubs then made themselves an emergency kit which consisted of:
cotton wool
plastic bag
safety pin
paper with information on
money for phone call
This was all placed in a small bank bag.

Each group was then taken for Instruction and the Caracals learnt all about the dangers of fires and how to strike a match correctly.

Our last game for the meeting was a fun activity whereby the cubs had to "bandage" a fellow cub up with toilet paper and then carry them around the hall and back again. The group whose "mummy" still had the most bandages on, was the winner.

.... doing very well ....

.... excellent work ....

and guess who the winners were - with their "mummy" arriving with all the bandages still entact.

We received some lovely emails from cubs around the world.
Our girls and boys took a few moments to respond.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. Looks like a fun day! Ruth

  2. The cubs had a fabulous meeting jam-packed with fun and laughter! We will shortly be going to visit the Emergency Centre where the cubs will see what happens from the time a call comes in! ... awesome, hey? Thanks for your message Ruth.