Friday, October 15, 2010

Some time with SHREK - 15th October

We continue with our "movie" theme - this week being SHREK.

Shrek - is a huge ogre who the villagers did not like.
STEAM RELEASE GAME: Red Light, Green Ligh
Villagers must sneak up on Shrek but as he turns the villagers must freeze. If Shrek sees anyone moving, they are 'eaten' and join Shrek.

"you moved"

Shrek has agreed to save the Princess but first he has to get through all those tunnels.

RELAY GAME: Dig out of the Tunnel
In Sixes, cubs stand with legs apart. Cub at the back must crawl foreward through the legs of the other cubs to the front. Once standing the next cub goes and so it carries on, until the six reaches a certain point.

Shrek knows he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and knows that it is important to learn.

Caracals learn "flag behaviour"
Cheetahs planted seeds
while Leopards did invites.
The Lions did sense-training.
Shrek has some weird ears and donkey was really special - who would you like to be?

HANDCRAFT: Mask making
Cubs colour in masks to wear

Oh dear - look at this - Shrek and Donkey have come across a huge dragon guarding the fortress - we must mind our way otherwise we are going to get all tangled up.

GAME: Get the Chain Unravelled
Cubs divided into 4 teams in straight lines. From the front they put their left arms through their legs. The cub behind then holds with the right hand. On the whistle the last cub must lie on his back still holding hands and the whole group moves backwards over this cub. Once the whole team is lying down they must do it in reverse, until they are all standing up. Once standing up they receive a sweet each.

Just look how fast Donkey can move - I wonder if he will ever guess what we are doing ...

Each Six is given a slip of paper with ideas to enact.
1. happy donkey with hiccups
2. Sad donkey who does not believe in himself
3. Mischievious donkey
4. Donkey who likes to play tricks on others
5. Happy, dancing donkey
6. Donkey with an attitude.
Can you guess?
Sad donkey who does not believe in himself.

Happy, dancing donkey
Another lovey day in the land of make-believe.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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