Saturday, February 19, 2011

Explorers - 18th February 2011

First of all ... thank you to all the other brownies and cubs around the world for taking part in "World Thinking Day" - here are some of our cubs reading your postcards.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492... I wonder if he knew his North from his South?
Cubs are told where North, South, East and West are and on the call of one of these, they must run to that position.

While exploring the islands in the area and looking for gold to loot, Columbus's men travelled to all the other islands close by. I wonder if they knew how to make their own compass?

CRAFT: Making our own Compass
Cubs were put into their Six. All equipment was on the front table. We called the Seconds up to collect all the equpment.
On slips of paper were written further duties - example:
1. magnetise the needle
2. fetch water
3. place compass directions under water bowl
4. place lid on water
5. place needle in lid
Each cub was given the opportunity to pull one of these pieces of paper to identitfy what his / her contribution would be in making the compass.
Has it worked?

Looking good!

Columbus had 3 ships - and he was Captain of the Santa Maria - I am sure he knew exactly where the "heads" was !

Time for Instruction and the Lions did a bit of sensory training....

Mmmm... looks tasty!

The Caracals learnt more about Strangers and what to do and what not to do...

They enjoyed reading all the postcards that we had received from all over the world!

Flags are always very important on any ship and our
REVISION GAME: was "Flag Fun"
In Sixes, cubs had to fold and hoist their flags... first to complete was the winner.
Columbus was hoping to find the trade rout to India - he wanted to trade some spices - but we had the spices all ready lined up for the cubs to smell and identify!

Cubs were blindfolded and items passed around.
Cubs had to try identify all smells.

Our local newspaper is having a photograph competition and individuals have to be photographs depicting the "looklocal" sign.

Cubs are Cool
Benoni is the Best!
Let's hope we win!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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