Friday, September 19, 2008

Olympics - 19 September 2008

Our Sixer Council Meeting was very productive with a lot of great suggestions coming forward from both the Sixers and Seconds.

As part of the fun for the Sixer Council Meeting, we arranged for some "goodie bags" for each participant.
The Council decided that next term's theme will be "MOVIES".
We have a super term ahead with lots of activities plus outings ..... so keep posted!
Our meeting this week focused on the Olympics .... and our first game was taking the "Olympic Torch" and welcoming all the participating countries.

Names of all the countries were scattered around the playing field. Each cub was given a list of country's names and they then had to find each country - in alphabetical order - whilst carrying their 'torch'.
As you can see the torch is the inner of a toilet roll plus a hard boiled egg.

This was great fun and cubs 'raced around the world'

..... greeting all the participants ......

.... and finally we had the first 3 winners!

The next Olympic Game was ski-ing down the slopes of Switzerland!

... and this is far more difficult that it looks!

... but the cubs enjoyed it so much that we played this game twice!

And this was the winning team - well done!

Next up was baseball, but the ref had forgotten all the kit behind so the players had to improvise!
Here, using a flipper!

and here with a drumming mat!

Oh my ..... here with a broom!

and this one is a "t-square"

and even a waste-paper basket!

Whew - thank heavens there was a tennis raquet!

and a cardboard roll....

.... and even a number plate!

Our Leaping Wolves learnt all about Woodcraft Trails.....

whilst our Lions learnt the Sheep Shank and Bowline.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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