Saturday, October 27, 2007

9th Benoni Catch Up Day - 27th October 2007

Today we held a 'catch-up' day to ensure that come the new year, all cubs will be on the New Cub Programme.
It was very well attended by all the cubs.
Here our Pack Helper, Elize, is showing them how to make compost.
She has taken all her vegetable peelings, egg shells, sawdust etc. and the cubs had to put them in the "compost heap" (bucket) . While she was doing this, she explained to the cubs why it is important to make a compost heap.
Every half hour during the day, we had a break from Instruction and played a few games. Heere we are having fun with some balloons.
Divide the cubs into 2 teams. They are to sit opposite each other and are supposedly not to move! One balloon is introduced and must be hit from one team to the other and must not touch the ground. If it does, that team loses a point. After a while introduce another balloon.

We were learning all about Living Things - including insects, animals and also trees.

Kendra winding her cardboard for her Buddy Burner.

Ricardo and Nishlan busy making their Buddy Burners.
Take tuna cans (or similar) and cut strips of cardboard the same height as the can. Wind the cardboard round, and round inside the can until it fits snugly and tightly. Ensure that you have placed a piece of string in the centre for the wick. Heat candle wax and slowly pour into the tin until it covers the cardboad. Allow to set and cool. Be very careful and wax can burn.
This is "Incy Wincy" the junk craft spider. Isn't he just gorgeous. One of the cubs told me his spider is the love spider and if he bites you, you will fall in love! Isn't that wonderful.
This little spider is made from the egg carton - one little section is cut out and turned over - and painted black. Little holes are made in the side for its legs which are pipe cleaners. The Cubs can then paint eyes and lips on if they so desire. Glitter and sequins etc. can also be added.

Now this is a FUN, FUN, FUN game!
A line is drawn on the floor - we stuck a strip of plaster on the floor.
Cubs are divided into two teams and they stand either side of the line and numbered off 1 to n. A leader stands at each end of the line. Cubs on the left are told where their starting point is and Cubs on the right are told where their starting point is.
A number is called - let's say number 4 is called. Cub number 4 from both sides runs to the top of their starting line and gets handed a pillow. He must now "walk the line" one foot in front of the other until his opponent reaches him where they will have a pillow fight. The first cub to set off the line is out and the other team gains a point.
The cubs loved this game and wanted to play it over and over again.
We showed them how to do water purification.
Cut a 2 lire coke bottle in half and turn the top part round and place into the bottom half. We put a cotton ball inside at the neck of the bottle. We then took some very fine stones and placed a layer of those across the top of the cottom wool. We then place about 2 cm of slightly courser stones and finally about 3 cm of stones. We took the hankies from our emergency kits and placed them over the top of the bottles and then collected some of the dam water and poured in into the hanky.
This water looked clean but once it went through this filtration process we could see all the dirty particles staying behind in the cottonwool.
To still perfect it further, it is suggested to boil the water for a full 10 minutes or to use special tables that are available from the chemist.
By this time the Cubs were starving and the Lions needed to build a fire. We showed the Cubs how to cook omelettes in a Ziploc Bag.
Everyone enjoyed this novel idea!
Great fun was had by all and we are now all on the New Cub Programme.
Until next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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  1. Looks like your group has an awesome time!
    I'm reading this blog for the first time. I noticed there are girls in the pictures. Are they Cub Scouts too?
    I think it would be awesome if they are now allowing girls to be in Cub Scouts! My little girl was in Girl Scouts but hated it... too much sing-songing and "girlie" stuff. She would have enjoyed Cub Scouts much more, it sounds like!

  2. Hi Nicki - Thanks for your comments. Yes, every Cub Programme is jam packed with fun - that is what it is all about - learning in a fun way.
    Yes the girls are Cubs Scouts as well and this was introduced in South Africa about 5 years ago. They mix very well with the boys and play exactly the same games etc. We do not change anything to suit them.
    We really have an awesome pack and have some great times together.
    Keep reading...
    Akela Joy