Saturday, October 27, 2007

9th Benoni Prize Giving 2007

As is usual every year come October, it is time for our AGM. Another norm for this time of the year - it rains ... and this year was not different!
The Kudu horn announced the start of our AGM and Prize Giving and we all huddled into 9th Benoni's hall to ward off the cold and rain. For those of you wondering, yes we are in the middle of our summer here in South Africa!

The Group Scouter read his report and then it was time for the Branch Reports.

The Cubs did themselves proud when they told all the parents and scouts what they had been up to during the year.
We won the gala this year which was a great achievement.
We had a fantastic District Camp at Arrowe Park.
We rode around Korsman's Bird Sanctuary this year for our Annual District Cycle Rally.
Kontiki was awesome and our James Bond Base was awarded 2nd place.
We joined with the Scouts for a fun day and played 3-legged soccer - this was for our National Cub Challenge.
Our 'good turn' for the year was collecting kitchen items for Arrowe Park for the District Cub Leaders to use when we all camp.
We really have a wonderful fun-filled, adventurous year.

This year, the Cub of the year Trophy went to Kendra McAravey (far right)
Here she is with her brother Caleb and sister Erin.

Matthew, my youngest son, receives a certificate and cup for excellent attendance!
From Left to Right. Andrew Witt, Ryan Gardiner, Andrew Kohl, Matthew Hutchinson.

Luke, my oldest son, and Patrol Leader for Leopards - together with Graham Griffiths, receives their certificate for Patrol of the Year.
Another successful AGM and Prize-Giving came to an end with a brilliant slide show by our Chairman. Photos were shown of Scouting events that took place during the year.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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