Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun! Fun! and more Fun!

What a week I have had!
I don't think I could have fitted more cubbing fun into it if I tried!

At the 9th Benoni Bambanani Pack, we welcomed, Keegen - a new chum - into the Pack. Here Thoriso and Forest are giving him a good welcome!
The Leopards learnt about an Interesting Place - The Guide Dog Association. Forest - a Labrador Retriever - was destined to be a Guide Dog but ended up being homed with his Trainer.

9th Benoni Cubs

Some more 9th Benoni Cubs
We had so much fun being Pirates this week and trading treasures under the sea!

The Circus was in town at 5th Boksburg and here 2 clowns were acting up!

5th Boksburg's display

Cubs and Akela Sheree outside their hall in Boksburg

What does that taste like? .... mmmmm .. vegetable popcorn! Cubs had to eat popcorn and remember all the different types they had eaten.
Mmmm - now what could that be ..... Some more tasting!

At 2nd Boksburg we were true Sportsmen and with South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup this was a fitting theme! Here the cubs had to walk under the rope and each time it was lowered by about a foot!

Checking their strength..... doing a few head-stands.

2nd Boksburg meet in the grounds of the St Michaels Anglican Church. I couldn't help but take this picture as this Herbert Baker church is absolutely beautiful....

Playing a Kim's Game and tasting all sorts of chips!

Just look at all these different knots!

..... and this is 2nd Boksburg - cubs together with Akela Barbara and Nicky.
Isn't it just wonderful to be a Cub!
You have so much fun at Pack Meetings and play so many games and do so many different activities! I can't wait till next week...
Till then,
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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