Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cub Meeting - Party - 30 Novemer 2007

Today was our last Cub Meeting for the year so a Christmas Party was the order of the day! It started off with a few quick, outside games and then we played "pass the parcel" where each cub had a turn to unwrap a piece of paper for a surprise present!
Playing "Pass the Parcel"
They begged us to play "Open Gates" which they thoroughly enjoyed.
One Cub is on. All the other Cubs have to stand behind a nominated area. The Cub who is on nominates a cub to try and run past him. If he is successful, the leader shouts "open gates" and everyone can try an run past the cub who is on. If someone is caught, they are also on. They then start again from the other side and those on, nominate one person to try and run past and if he succeeds, it is open gates agao and all try to run past.... and so it goes on.

And then is was Party Time. Each Cub brought a few eats and a small present. Numbers were assigned to each present and different numbers to each Cub in the hope that they would not get their own present. In the end each cub went home with a small gift plus had a party plate of eats and drinks.

Towards the end of the Pack Meeting we invested 2 Cubs. This is David Rodel with his Granny.

..... and this is Keegan Macgregor saying his Cub Promise together ith Akela Joy and Mr Shane Gardiner our Group Scouter.

We have lots of fun and excitement planned for next year so be sure to join us and bring all your friends. All Cubs can start at 7 years of age.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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