Saturday, November 17, 2007

6th Benoni Cub Pack

Tonight I had the opportunity to visit 6th Benoni Cub Pack. What a wonderful pack this is - full of enthusiam and spirit!
The theme for their programme was "the patron saints" and the first one they learnt about was St Patrick. Being from Ireland, it is traditional that everyone wears green on the 17th March. It is believed that he chased out all the snakes from Ireland and so the cubs played a game called "catch the snake" just after the opening.

The other two saints they learnt about were Saint Christopher and Saint Anthony. Saint Christopher - the saint of travel and Saint Anthony the saint to pray to should you lose anything.

This was one of the Memory Games the cubs played. A number of items are placed on the floor (same amount as there are cubs). Example: pen, glue, scissors, battery, torch etc. Cubs may look at them for approximately 30 seconds. Then their caps are placed over the items and these are arranged in a cirlce. Divide the pack into two teams. Team A nominates someone from Team B to find the 'scissors'. If he gets it correct, he may take it and gets 1 point. Then Team B nominates someone from Team A to find the 'glue' or whatever item; and so it goes on.
They loved this game and had so much fun when they actually found the correct item!

One of the Cubs updating the Progress Chart.
Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. I have to say, it looks like your Pack is very active and the kids have a lot of fun.

    Steve B
    Scoutmaster, Troop 68, CMC

  2. Thank Steve for your comments. Yes, here at 9th Benoni we have great fun every week. We try to ensure that each programme has an element of fun, learning and craftwork included - our cubs are a great bunch of kids.
    Akela Joy