Friday, February 22, 2008

Healthy Living - 22 Feb 2008

Our steam-release game was called "Germs attacking the Goodies". This games is based along the lines of Stick in the Mud with the Germs catching the Goodies who must then stand with their legs apart waiting to be rescued.
Cubs being rescued!

During Instruction we brought up into our Advancement Groups of New Chums, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion and Leaping Wolf. Here we have a New Chum and we concentrated on the Membership Badge - learning the Cub Law, the Cub Promise, the Left Handshake etc. We will be investing 3 New Chums next week.

We had a "going up" ceremony for these 2 'cubs' who went up to Scouts last night..... looking very smart in their scout uniform!
9th Benoni Bambanani Cub Pack

Our next game was fabulous and the cubs really enjoyed playing it. Fish were cut out and behind each fish was written a type of food - eg. cereal, cabbage, biscuits, doughnuts, rice, cauliflower, sweets, peas, steak. etc.

Fishing rods were made with a magnet on the end and on each paper fish there was one paper clip. Cubs went fishing and once they caught a fish, they would look and see what food was written on the back and decide whether this was a GOOD food or a BAD food and put it in the respective bucket.
Afterwards a quick discussion was had about which was good and bad foods - health wise.

The cubs could have played this for hours!

We put them in their Sixes and had a winner as well.

We then had a discussion on the correct way to brush our teeth and how important it is to brush our teeth after each meal.

The next game was a little different in that they had to run up, place a bit of toothpaste on their finger, swish it around in their mouth with some water, swallow it and run back to their Six, and then the next one came up to do the same thing.
I was not sure whether they would enjoy this but they wanted to repeat it!
Our two young men that have now gone up to Scouts saying their Promise for the last time as a cub.

Akela Joy handing them over to the Group Scouter.

It was BP's birthday last night - 22nd February - and the Troop Scouter blew the Kudu Horn to call everyone to attention. Here he is showing everyone a Kudu Horn very similar to the one BP would have used.

Our first Scout being invested.

He will be going into the Leopard Patrol

Our second Scout being invested.

Three Cheers!

Next week we will be having just as much fun - join us then.
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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