Friday, February 15, 2008

Detective Delight - 16 February 2008

Back to doing what cubs enjoy doing best! Having fun!
This week our theme was - Detective Delight.
The cubs hauled out their magnifying glasses and raced around the given area looking for unusual items.
Nine different items had been hidden - from paper clips, corn, sweets etc. They had to run around and on the blow of the whistle stop and look for these items.

Two of our older cubs taking a look at all the Cub Interest Badges that can be done.
This week, the Lions learnt how to conserve energy. Here in South Africa we need to do that as each household needs to save at least 10% - we regularly have blackouts due to energy shortages.

The Leaping Wolves were learning about the Map Symbols.

And finally we played a game with compass directions and secret codes.
A treasure map is handed to each team. On this map, is written clear instructions on what you need them to do. Very basic instructions were used - such as:
Stand at Base X and face North, then take 20 paced North East. When you arrive there complete the secret code and return to Base X.
Face North, now run 40 paces west and see what you have to do, remembering to return to Base-X.
There were a few more instruction for them to follow using a few more compass directions.
We also showed them how to disguise a person by dressing up using a coat and a hat. They were then each given a picture which each cub "diguised" beautifully!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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