Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birds of Prey Show

Straight after the BP Sunday Church Service, we held a Bird of Prey show. This was spectacular! Debra from the SA National Birds of Prey Centre came along with 4 of her feathered friends to teach us a little more about these wonderful creatures.
Waiting patiently in the car....

Hooded Falcon, listening very carefully to what is going on.

Debra started off with this beautiful Eagle. All these birds of prey have been hand reared due to one or other circumstance.
She explained to all the cubs and parents more about the Eagle's feathers and the purpose thereof as well as how they hunt for their food. Here you can see her "fluffling" up the tummy feathers!

Spreading the wings, ready for flight!

Next was this precious, little owl - in flight.

Another magnificent speciment of the owl sitting in the tree at Arrowe Park - just look at those eyes!

.... and in flight.

The Hooded Falcon - getting ready to have his little hood taken off so that he can check out the surroundings and go fly around Arrowe Park.
Should anyone wish to get hold of the South African National Bird of Prey Centre you may either contact me on my email at or go to their webpage at for more information.
They are well worth having at any outdoor function.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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