Friday, June 26, 2009

Masked Ball - 26th June 2009

We had a wonderful end of the term pack meeting today - naming the winner of the Inter-Six competition as well as enjoying a party. We have managed to collect the full amount to sponsor another guide-dog.
Thank you to all the cubs who brought along their pocket money each week and a special thank you to all the parents who supported us!
The winner of the Inter-Six competition was WHITE SIX ... well done!
As part of one of the Advancements, the cubs had to plant a seed. During one of the meetings a few weeks back, Kreolin planted a bean - and he brought it back to show us how well it was doing!

Our theme today as "masked ball"
We had the cubs run around in search of a jungle name.
This then would be the mask they were to make inside.

Kreolin was the monkey (bandalog)

Lara was a beautiful owl

busily cutting out a wolf - pehaps Akela

and here we have a jungle full of animals!

another beautiful owl

Shere-Khan the tiger

ooh! another money

the fox and the wolf

.... and then it was party time!

A fun way to end the term.
I am sure you can guess what our theme is for next term!
The Jungle Book of course!
A new scout being invested into the Troop.

Welcome -we know you will have a great time!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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