Monday, August 09, 2010

A day in the life of a PIRATE - 6th August

Ahoy there, all ye pirates let's see what we can find on this island!
Cubs arrived dress up as pirates. As this was a 'special programme' no Grand Howl was held but rather a walkabout to see who was the best dressed!
First Prize went to the young pirate on the left.
The young caracals learnt about "Kim's Story" and how to disguise oneself.

I have lost my way - do you know where we are?

The young pirate on the right won the prize for the best acting!

"Shiver me timbers"

"Let's set up camp here - whose got the flag?... What? you forgot it on the ship ... never mind let's quickly whip up another one!

Cubs in Sixes painting their own pirate flag

"Tell it to the parrot - we need to get moving - remember what we are here to do"

Each Six was handed some clues and they needed to go from place to place to find a word.

Once they have picked up all their clues, they have to work out what the sentence read and where the treasure was hidden!

.... and guess where it was hidden ..... under Rikki's shoe!
"It's time to make our way back to the ship - wow just look at that water swirl"
GAME: Rough Seas
Two cubs on wobbly boards with "swords" and they must know each other off.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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