Friday, July 30, 2010

A day in the life of a HIGHWAYMAN - 30th July

Does everyone know who and what the Highwaymen from days gone by did?
Long, long ago Highwaymen used to travel along the dark and dusty roads and rob wealthy people in their carriages as they drove past!

Let's see what those Highwaymen were like!
Game: Highway Hell
Put the same number of cubs into rows - so let's say we put 4 cubs in each row - and there are 5 rows. They hold hands outstretched.
Choose a cub to be the "carriage" and one cub to be the "highwayman'.
On 'go' the highwayman must try to stop the carriage.
But on the blow of the whistle the cubs will change direction and now hold hands with the person in the row next to them.
By doing this, it blocks off the Highwayman and he has to find another route!
Let's get our own carriage ready now for our trip into the country. Remember we don't have smart cars but old-fashioned carriages!

Game: Let's get Going
Cubs line up in relay formation. On go they need to get their carriage ready for the journey. 1st cub in line runs 3 paces and crouches down - he is the wheel; 2nd cubs jumps over the wheel and goes 3 paces and crouches down - he is the 2nd wheel; 3rd cub jumps over the first two 'wheels' takes 3 paces and crouches down - he is the axle; 4th cub jumps over the first two wheels and axle takes 3 paces and crouches down - he is the light ..... and so it goes on until the whole carriage is built.

Does everyone know how to drive?
Time for some learning!

For Instruction this week the Lions had to teach the Caracals the Promise and Law.

They had the Promise and Law on little cards which the Caracals had to put together in order.

So our carriage is together and we have learnt to drive.... it is time to test drive it!
GAME: Bases

Base 1 - make the light for the carriage.

Base 2 : making the hooter!

BASE 3: - the cubs took a very rough road
(and had to leopard crawl over some poles)

... all the time being very careful not to damage the hooter on the carriage ....

BASE 4 - Aim straight for the road
Cubs had to throw a ball into the bucket

Hey guys! Let's see who has the fastest highway car!
GAME: Calling all Commuters!
Cubs in a circle and they are named "Tom, Dick and Harry"
A sweet is put in the middle. When "Tom" is called, all "Tom's" run clockwise and race back to their position and into the centre to get the sweet. Randomly call the names.

We had a few moments to spare so we played the first game over - this time with the leaders!
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela joy

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