Friday, July 16, 2010

The day in the life of KING ARTHUR - 16th July

But first to show you all the lovely Alien Money boxes the cubs made on camp! We shall chat about these later for our Good Turn.

King Arthur's father knew that there were 'badies' out to harm King Arther so he knew he needed Merlin's assistance. Our steam release game saw the cubs running around but if they were caught, Merlin's magic allowed them to count to 5 and they could run around again.
Arthur also wanted to have a brother - and when he was adopted by a special family he at last had a brother whose name was Kay. Kay wanted to show Arthur how good he was and took part in many tournaments.
Cubs take part in a tournament by throwing balls into bucket - see who can throw the most balls into the bucket.

Easier said than done!

Arthur needed a shield - so the cubs made their own shields with their special logo on it.

As Arthur was passing a church one day he saw Merlin there with a whole lot of people standing round a sword. On the plaque it read that if anyone could pull the sword from the stone they would be the next king. Now Arthur knew that this would be easy as he had already pulled the sword from the stone.
Game: Sword fighting on Wobbly boards.

Before we went into the next game Akela spent the Instruction time taking about "Helping ourselves and others"
This fitted in very nicely with Mandela Day which falls on the 18th July (tomorrow) where we are all asked to do 67 minutes of kindness for someone else.
9th Benoni Bambanani have sponsored 2 guide dogs over the past years so Akela ready the cubs a little "kindness' story fron the SA Guide Dog newsletter and then we discussed the GOOD TURN for this year.
The cubs made special money boxes for their "funny money" as there will be a competition between the Six's to see who can raise the most money to buy mosquito nets for the children of Africa.
The winning Six will be taken to the movies as their prize.

When the Knights had time to relax they played fun games.
Game: Obstacles placed in the way and cubs must navigate their "wagons" to the other side. (wheelbarrow race)

Arthur always had to be on the lookout for people who wanted to harm him.
Game: An item is hidden around the hall and cubs must look for it.
(if you look very carefully, you will see it behind the 2 fire extinguishers!)
After about 5 minutes, the cubs eventually found it!

King Arthur was a good King and it was fun under his reign.
Game: Everyone having fun - Tug of War!

Cubs having lots of fun on the wobbly boards.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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