Monday, July 12, 2010

Skyping around the World

We had the priviledge of being able to speak to cubs and leaders from different packs around the world whilst we were on camp this weekend.

Saturday morning 11h00 we chatted to a pack in England (10am their time).
The cubs each got a turn to ask a question and find out about that pack.

Later on in the day - around 17h00 our time - we chatted to a pack in America.
Once again we gave each cub a chance to ask and answer questions.

Our ADC for the District happened to be there at the time so took the opportunity to speak to them as well.

Sunday morning bright and early we were able to catch the New Zealand cubs awake. It was 07h00 here - and whilst we sat in the freezing cold - it was 5pm that evening where they were.
We had a super chat to the cubs and a long chat to the leaders.

All in all a very successful skyping session and a time for our cubs to 'talk' to others around the world who are also cubs discussing the similarities and differences that have crept into scouting over the years.

Till next Time

Keep cubbing

Akela Joy

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