Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cosmic Cub Camp - July 2010

The cubs of 9th Benoni enjoyed a trip outer space and visited many planets. Along the way they picked up some aliens (3rd Impala) who befriended the cubs and spent an enjoyable weekend together.
All cubs signed the painting which will go up the in den as a reminder of the fun weekend.

Saturday morning started off with the cubs making stunning masks to wear.

Others had a sack race.

and some of the space invaders 'tossed the caber"

Baloo was on hand to show the cubs how to use a bow and arrow correctly....

.... afterwhich each cub had the opportunity to go for the bullseye!

Rocket fuel and flying saucers were delivered at tea time....

which looked delicious.

It was then on to some revision....

and the cubs learnt a few new knots.

A game of baseball was next with quite a few of our cubs looking quite professional.

... and out ....

For lunch the cubs made their own pizza over the fire. They were each given a piece of dough plus cheese and viennas.

getting their pizzas ready

on the braai

That would not have been enought for lunch so we ordered in and let each cub have some fabulous pizza from the shop.

Time to move on to our next activity - and each team made a pinato which was filled with thousands of sweets!

what a gooeey mess

hanging up to dry

The next activity the cubs loved. We had the Group Scouter make us some water bottle rockets. .... and these worked like a dream.

pump, pump, pump

keep pumping

after that hard work, some more rocket fuel was need..... and just as astronauts have to have all their food out of packets, so did the cubs.

Raksha gave them a quick talk on clouds whilst they sat in their space shuttle

It was then time for a closer examination of the stars.

and each team made a planetarium

Each team had a cold drink tin, a picture of a constellation, sticky tape, nail and a hammer.

Romy, the beautiful guide dog in training.

Around the campfire - singing!

We aslo had a special visitor on Saturday evening - Marc joined us snd showed the cubs the Southern Cross as well as the Teapot
Bright and early we were awake for our 3rd skyping session after which breakfast was served.

It was then times for games!

... and to make a little momento to put on the campfire blanket....

Beads were put on safety pins in a pattern to form an alien.

a great game to play - hardly any equipment needed - and enjoyed by all

We then went into bases to do some catch up on Instruction... here knotting

Promise and Law

The first aid base was a last minute thought so our paramedic just showed the cubs what was in his bag.... he pretended to put up a drip (took the needle out) - and showed them the ventilator.... all of which the cubs LOVED!

... and if this helps them in any way not to be scared of drips etc., then I am happy....

Bird feeders for some lucky birds in Arrowe Park

First Aid fun with gloves and a space blanket!

Once the bases were completed, we moved on to some craft work.

Our good turn for this year is to collect 'funny money' to buy some mosquito nets for the children in Africa.

Each team decorated their own space invader and this will serve as the money box to keep the 'funny money' safe.

We will see which Six collects the most money to buy the most mosquito nets.

Next week I will show you all a photo of all the space invader money boxes.

To close off the camp weekend, we had our Cubs Own.

The cubs went home tired but happy.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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