Friday, August 13, 2010

Day in the life of HARRY POTTER - 13th August

Our bunch of magicians got together today to find out what spell they could cast on Akela!

but first we had some serious business to attend to - with the investiture of 2 new chums.


Hope you have an enjoyable time with 9th Benoni.

All magicians need a wand and just like Harry Potter, these beautiful wands found their owners!
Once each cub had their own wand, they had to close their eyes and believe!
"Swirling stars and bling light
Empower my wand with all your might"
The Sorting Hat decided which house each cub would go into...

Once "sorted" each group had some magical brain teasers to sort out.

Cubs then sat in a circle and the game was "Hoo's Hedwig". 1 cub is sent outside and blindfolded. Each cub is given an animal to imitate and only 1 is the owl who will hoot. The cub comes back inside and is led around the circle - with the cubs making their animal noise. When and if they hear the owl hoot, they must point to Hedwig...

It was then on to the Marauders map of Magic where cubs had to run around and collect clues to make up a sentence and find the treasure.

All clues have been found ....
what can it read?
"Go to Platform 13"

and at the end of the meeting we invested another chum.
Welcome - we know you will have a great time with us.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    awesome ideas Joy! We are having a halloween camp at halloween (!!!!!) and hope you don't mind if I hijack some of your ideas.
    By the way, Akela Joy's magical jacket is all ready!


  2. It looks to me like both the Cubs and the adults have a lot of fun at your meetings.

    Steve B
    Scoutmaster, Troop 68