Friday, August 27, 2010

A day in the life of a .... SCOUT! 27th August 2010

Do you think Cubs and Scouts can have fun TOGETHER? on...

We held a joint meeting, together with our Scouts, to show the cubs just what the scouts do and how much fun they will have one day when they go up to the Troop.

Our hall was a little too small to fit us all in so we opened outside!

Once we had opened we divided them into their patrols - taking the Six's colours and mixing them with the Patrol names.... so our Troop Scouter came up with:
Green Kudus
White Leopards
Yellow Zebras
Red Kingfishers
Blue Eagles
Purple Giraffes

We tried to incorporate a little bit of scouting skills (pioneering) and something the cubs would also find easy (making paper aeroplanes).

Each patrol was given 3 staves and 3 ropes.

... and their task was to create a chariot that could hold a patrol member....

and that they could race with.

We had some interesting and 'adventurous' chariots!

Time to race!

... of course, the girl's patrol came up with this idea! ...
(the lap of luxury!)

... and off they go....

They had a fair distance to travel.... and some cubs fell off .... and some had to hang on for dear life!

Making those awesome paper jets!

There were prizes to be won for:
The longest distance flown
The highest flight
The furtherest distance.
... and then we added another category - the 'kindest patrol' ....

By the time we held the competition it was rather dark outside - so apologies for no photos - but Blue Eagles won 2 prizes so one could say they were the overall winners; with Purple Giraffes taking home the 'kindest patrol'.

Getting ready for Campfire.
Our Troop Scouter just reminded everyone about the rules for the Campfire.

Everyone knows "My Bonnie lies over the ocean" and on the "b" you either sit or stand. Well here in South Africa we do things a little differently!
I am not sure if anyone knows the traditional toyi-toyi - when a community band together for political protests. At the moment the civil servants are toyi-toyi-ing over a wage dispute and they dance in this way.... so our Bonnie lies over the ocean became a rather energetic dance!
What a meeting - very different to a cub pack meeting - but very enjoyable nontheless.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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