Friday, October 19, 2012

Our theme for the term is "I can...." and today it was - "I can fly".
Being a pilot is great fun - so come along for the ride!
 Steam Release:  Pack the Suitcase
Before the start of the game scatter 10 picture of different clothes around a wide area - one set for each Six.  In their Sixes, the cubs need to go and look for the pictures.  They must not pick up more than one of a certain picture.  Once they have collected all the pictures they should give to their Sixer who will put them into the suitcase (envelope).

 Once all pictures are collected, they sit quietly and wait for the rest to complete the game.
 "Now that we are packed and ready to go, we need to design our plane!"
 Hand-craft:  Paper plane contest
Each cub colours and makes his own paper plane

 Circle Game:  Jet Race
Mark a target on the ground with a large stone or something similar.  The cubs should stand in a large circle. 
 Take 10 steps outwards!
 Get ready for take off!
 .... and away we go!
 The plane that lands closest to the centre stone, is the winner!
 Let's try that again - it was so much fun!

 Some of the beautiful scenery we are very lucky to have on our doorstep!
 Instruction time and the Caracals are learning their knots
 ..... and having fun doing it!

 Whew! - this is all too much for me!  I need a power nap!
.... just chilling! .....

The programme continued with some play-acting, sense training and a lovely yarn - but I had to leave early!
However, programme resources can be found on the Scouts South African web site over here.  These programmes might have been slightly changed to suit our pack.

Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy 

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