Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome back to another term of fun, friendship and lots of adventure!
We have implemented a birthday calendar - made by one of our very ingenious Pack Scouters! 
This will also indicated what trail the cub is busy with - very cute isn't it?
 Our theme for the term is:  "I want to ........"  and today we started with "I want to talk Gibberish" revolving around "ging gang gooli"
 Steam Release:  Elephant Herders
The pack stand in a circle.  The leader names every fourth cub an "elephant herder".  The cubs spread around the room and at the word "go" the herders chase the other cubs putting them in the kraal by touching them.  When a cub has been touched, he must freeze (looking like an elephant!) until he is set free from the kraal by a free cub touching him.
 "I am a big elephant!"
 Yarn:  Ging Gang Gooli was told to the cubs and afterwards the cubs were taught the song.
 Team Game:  Standing together
The pack is divided into 2 teams and form a circle.  They stand together legs apart with feet touching.  The leader throws a soccer ball down between them and each cub tries to score a goal by sending the ball through the legs of another cub.

 (What a stance!)

 Relay Game:  Elephant race
Cubs in relay formation.  First cub bends at the waist puts an arm in front of their face like an elephant trunk and puts the other arm through their legs towards the person behind them.  The next cub bends over, grabs the first cubs "tail" and so on until you have a team of elephants lined up.  The elephants can now race around a tree - or to the "river".

 Our annual Halloween Sleepover is coming up shortly - Friday 26th October - and invites were handed out to all cubs.
Replies need to be in by next week Friday.  This is a very exciting and fun evening NOT TO BE MISSED!
 To encourage participation in pack and district events at the end of the term we hand out a prize to those cubs who have attended all events.  Ethan Leslie was one of those who attended every event - well done Ethan!
A congratulations to Luke for completing his Homecraft Badge.

We closed off a little earlier than normal as our AGM followed.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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