Friday, September 28, 2012

Dinner at Altitude - 28th September 2012

 Bear Grylls is such an adventurous man!  Do you know that when a friend asked him to break a Guinness World Record and eat dinner with him three and a half miles up in the sky, Bear didn't blink an eye and agreed!  Do you think that would be fun?  Well come along and join us.

 But first, we have travelled around the world with BG and our passports are full!
 Just look at all the countries we have been to.
 Cubs were allowed to take their passports home today as it is the last meeting for the term.
 Steam Release:  Where should we dine?
Cubs run around with one cub being on.  He throws up a ball and calls another cub's name who must catch the ball before it bounces.  He then throws it up and call a name.

 Team Game:  Stuck with you!
Cubs pair up and hold hands.  they must have 1 hand each free.  they then have to go to a table and collect :  1 x paper plate;  2 x crackers knife - and between them they have to butter the cream-cracker.  Then the one cub must feed the other cub the cream cracker.

 Instruction time for the Lions
 The little caracals were learning trails - and they did so well!
We also had some ducks dancing in the lake!

Bear Grylls dished up some awesome food.
Zebra guts and Crocodile cotch!

 The cubs climbed up three and a half miles into the sky on top of the containers in Arrowe Park
 We had some WONDERFUL cub instructors who handled this activity very well and did all the hard work - thank you guys!
 The cubs then had the Bear Grylls special food in containers which they passed to the left for a while and on the blow of the whistle passed to the right as each one was different...... so when the whistle blew for the last time, that is what they landed up with and could eat!

 Being the end of the term, it was all party goodies!

 and everyone had a good time....
 and didn't really want to come down.... but all good things come to an end and it was time to go home!

 Helping everyone down....

 Three musketeers!
We are on holiday now for 1 week.
See you all again on Friday 12th October when we will have our AGM and Prize-Giving.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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