Friday, September 07, 2012

A visit to Japan - 7th September 2012

Join us for some Dragon Racing with Bear Grylls - but first let me tell you a little secret - BG left his camera behind but being a very good scout, he showed us how to preserve some memories.... take a look!
Steam Release Game: Natures Memories
Each cub is given a piece of A4 paper and they must run around and make rubbings of different items around them.
the wall was a good one
bark of the tree

the poles
and the rope gave a great design.

Bear Grylls really eats some strange food and it was now time to taste the treats of Japan - sushi!
(Our helper was running late so we had to improvise and found some "sushi chips")
Relay Game: Sample the Sushi
cubs run up in relay formation, pick up a piece of sushi and carry it to their friend.

even the leaders joined in and had fun!

Instruction saw the Leopards doing some knotting
the caracals and new chums learnt and revised the Promise and Law as well as the Cub Law.
the cheetahs did compass work...
and the lions learnt about how to avoid getting lost
by this time our helper had arrived with the real sushi and we quickly slotted the game in again...
and let all the cubs taste what it tastes like!
and very surprisingly - they all loved it!

Even though Bear Grylls is tough - we wondered how he would do at sumo wresting....
our cubs thought they would do far better than he would!

The Japanese are known for their festivals - and in one, they dress as dragons and dance through the streets but being the adventurer he is, Bear Grylls wants to RACE down the street! Are you ready?
..... and here we go

This young cub said the prayer to day - and I must just tell you about it. It was so precious.
We ask if anyone would like to say a prayer at each meeting and we give each cub a turn and they love to do this.
This young cub says "thank you for our parents Jesus, and thank you for the lovely day and thank you for cubs, and Merry Christmas Jesus!" How darling is that? so cute.
Japan is well known for its paper crafts.
Handcraft: Lanterns
Cubs now take their paper that they did their special rubbings on and cut to make a paper lantern.

Our APS is showing them how to say hello - こんにちは。 - Kon nichi wa
and good bye - さようなら。- Sayōnara.

We have quite a few cubs who speak different languages and so each one had a turn to say hello and goodbye in a different language.

Such a fun-filled, adventurous meeting.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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