Sunday, September 09, 2012

National Cub Challenge - fun day - 8th September

Cubs spent the day doing the National Cub Challenge and just having loads and loads of fun!
Our day started at Homestead Dam with a "big clean up"
All cubs had gloves and packets and were ready for work!
..... and work they did - they cleaned up a huge area ....

A huge load of rubbish was collected - thank you to all the cubs concerned.
It was then on to our solar cooking.
We make a cone solar cooker and placed a biscuit in the base with a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate on top of it - covered with some cling wrap - and left in the sun to melt.
These are then supposed to be placed in the ground - we placed then into the tins and into a car for transportation around to our scout hall.

Our 3km hike began with a short walk along one of the main roads of Benoni.

.... and into one of the closed off suburbs - Alphen Park. Here the cubs were each handed a 3 page information booklet. These were photographs of items around Alphen Park for which they had to look out for along the way and write down the house number where they saw it. (Picture scavenger hunt)
The first base of spaghetti knotting.
.... to see who could tie the longest spaghetti rope ....

The second base was the solar burning - and this worked extremely well.

The third base was a puzzle that the cubs had to build and a juice stop.
(and thanks to a work colleague for lending me her driveway in Alphen Park to run this base!)

and the fourth base was apple peeling and building the highest building.

After a quick lunch it was time for more fun and here the cubs are listening to the second part of "The Swiss Family Robinson" and how they were shipwrecked on an island.
Being shipwrecked the cubs then had to find things that they would need to survive. This was a wide game having the cubs searching high and low for items shown on their list. There were also a few red-herrings included!

The afternoon saw the cubs divide into 4 teams and visiting 4 bases.
The first being rifle shooting - which the cubs enjoyed tremendously.

The second was making their own fishing rod and fishing using biltong as bait.

The third base was making popcorn "over the fire" in a billy can.

... and the fifth base was a games base!

The afternoon was nearly over - so quickly.
We had a game of duster hockey
which was a great success.
During the afternoon we also planted out seed to watch it grow towards the sunlight and we held a Cub's Own.
Parents were invited to the campfire which was held just as it was getting dark.
What a lovely day we had!
Thank you to all concerned.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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