Friday, September 21, 2012

Brrrr.. it's cold - 21st September 2012

We joined Bear Grylls on an adventure to the Antarctica - it was brrrrr.. cold!
 Steam Release:  Stuck in the Snow.
Cubs run around and the cub who is IT has to touch them.  Once touched, that cub must stand with his legs apart, ready to be freed.
 Yarn:  Sentra the Snow Hound
Relay Races - Sled races - which the cubs loved!
 They have to complete a circuit set out for them.

 ... and as you can see they had great fun!

 Each snowflake that falls is different and here the cubs are making their very own snowflakes!

 It was our Star Pack Evaluation and here our ADC is checking all the files etc!

 Such beautiful snowflakes .... all different!
 and interesting.
 Instruction time saw the new chums learning the Grand Howl
 Leopard made a mask
 Caracals learnt about the jungle
 Lions learnt about interesting places and flags

 and the Cheetahs had a wonderful time doing a scavenger hunt and climbed a few trees.....
 and make a small fire.
 The bears chased the little penguins around!
(Cat and mouse game)
 Almost nothing lives in Antartica but BG brought along some snacks.
Circle Game:  Marshmallow Mystery
Cubs stand in a circle.  They are asked simple questions - what colour is the World Badge?  Where is Akela etc etc.... when the cub gets the answer correct, he can go to the centre and light the candle and toast a marshmallow to put between two marie biscuits and eat.

A fun programme that the cubs enjoyed.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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