Friday, March 05, 2010

It's Carnival time at 9th Benoni - 5th March

We celebrated CARNIVAL TIME at 9th Benoni and all the cubs came dressed up in many different outfits.

A real fairy and ballerina!

Not quite sure who these intruders were and a joker on top of it!
Animals of the jungle!

some dancing girls...

We let them parade around to see who was the best dress --- who was then given a huge slab of chocolate.
Who would you have chosen??

No carnival would be complete without a float.

Each six was given a "float" made from mesh and they had to decorate it.

They were also given strips of tissue paper.

good work..

Final float parade.

It was then time for some outdoor fun and we played a few games.

the first being "egg and spoon" race.

these eggs were not hard boiled so the cubs had to be extra carefull!
and can you believe it, not one cub dropped an egg.
Raksha stood there with her magic wand and "egged" them on!

Knock, Knock

Who is there


Fission who

and on the back is written

Fission chips !!

Magnificent hairstyle...

Must find out who her hairdresser is!

It was then time to "balance the books" which most of the cubs did pretty well.

.. and what would a carnival be without the tightrope walker !!

our very own miss magnificent!

Mask time...

Don't they all look good!

Tomorrow is Kontiki - so I will have more photos as well.

Till then

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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