Friday, March 12, 2010

St Patricks Day - 12th March

We celebrated St Patricks day in style by investing 3 New chums and having extra special fun!

The magic leprechaun had scattered extra gold coins around the playing field and the cubs had to see how many they could collect in a certain time.
On 1 gold coin there was a picture of the magic leprechaun and the cub who found this was given a little prize.

Just look at all those coins!

Cubs then were divided into 3 teams and each team had to try their luck at getting their coins into the pot.

This was a little bit more difficult than initially thought

Three-leaf clovers and hearts were then painted onto the cubs face for fun.

.... and for our craft each cub completed a leprachaun hat.

These are made out of polystyrene!

Who hasn't heard about the blarney stone?

Each cub had his or her turn to kiss the blarney stone for good luck...

It was then time to move onto Instruction. The Caracals followed a very simple trail....

while the Lions did flags

It was then time for some "play acting" and each six had to come up with a little Irish dance.

This was a whole lot of fun and each Six did so well....

.... Just look at them go ....

... and even Raksha did a little jig!...

New Chum number 1 with mum.

New Chum number 2 with dad.

New Chum number 3 with mom.
Welcome to all our new cubs. We hope that you have a terrific time with us.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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  1. I've been reading your posts and you have a really good programme. It looks really fun. I'm sure I would have enjoyed stuff like this as a cub!