Friday, June 08, 2012

Heroes - Teachers - 8th June 2012

Today we paid tribute to another hero - T E A C H E R S!
Our Steam Release Game: Teachers
Three cubs hold hands forming a "teacher". The rest of the pack scatter and run. When the "teacher" catches a child he is taken to the principles office. He waits there until there are 3 children. They then form another "teacher" and go out to catch naughty children.... and so it continues.
Caracal Instruction was on Safety today.
New Chums learnt all about The Promise
The Leaping Wolves continued on their journey towards their top award
whilst the Leopards did some knotting
Teachers are always busy and rushing around just like little ants!
Relay Race: Ants
A bowl of bottle tops is place in front of each Six in a circle. The Six lines up behind a bowl in single file with the sixes facing inwards. On go the sixer runs to the bowl on his left and takes one bottle top out of that bowl. He then runs back to his six and puts the bottle top in his own bowl. The second cub in the in the row then runs. The cubs keep rotating until the scouter blows the whistle. The six with the most bottle tops wins.
MMmmmm.... let us count those bottle tops and see if we are the winner!
English Teachers always have so many good words - let's see what we can do!
Quiet Game: Underground:
Cubs sit in their Sixes and are given a sheet of paper with the word "underground" on it. They see how many words they can make.
Kim's Game: Teacher's Desk
This Kim's Game tests sight. The items are placed on a table and covered with a cloth. We let the cubs come up for 1 minute to take a look at the Teacher's Table and then they had to go and write down what they saw. There were 20 items.
These included:
Pen, pencil, scissors, stapler, punch, paper clips, staples, paper, book, ruler, eraser, drawing pins, sweet jar, apple, chalk, chalk board, rubbish bin, filing basket, permanent marker, lunch tin, glue, tape.

We had 2 Leaping Wolf cubs doing their Technology talks to the pack tonight. Well done to both Ethan and Justin on excellent talks!
Joseph volunteered to do his speech for which he had won a competition and the title was "If I was made Teacher for a day" Congratulations Joseph - you speech was very thought provoking and touched my heart! We all wish you the very best for the next round and know that you will win with that speech!
Tonight was the Night Hike for the Scouts - something that EVERY SCOUT should attend.... not only is it EXTREME FUN but the camaraderie and laughter is the best ever! I had to wait for a parent to collect a cub and watched these bases being set up ..... called Minute to win it!
Stacking eggs!

Stacking empty cool drink cans
Piling up the bolts
Sorry the picture is not upright! but this base one had to put a marie biscuit on your forehead. You are not allowed to move your head - you are only allowed to "twitch" your face - so only move eyebrows and nose to get the biscuit into your mouth - this is not easy!
But you can see the excitement when this is achieved!!
Well done to 6th Benoni on this base... awesome stuff.

Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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