Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Harley Heaven - Father's Day Programme - 15th June

What fun! Akela has organised a special bike rally for us - I know my dad would love to be here cause I am going to ride a Harley!
Steam Release: Find your bike
Puzzle pieces are scattered around the field. Each Six is given 1 piece to collect to make their puzzle complete. It is colour co-ordinated according to their Six.
My dad would love a Harley Davidson and to wear all that great gear! - Let's see what gear we have!
Handcraft: Get geared up
Cubs make their own bandana. They also complete a keyring and card for dad on Father's Day.
Don't we all look good - ready now for action.
Relay Game: Obstacle Course - Rally Revenge
Cubs take turns to go through the obstacle course on their motor bikes
Wasn't that hectic - I think we lost the route! let's get out that compass and get back on track and find out where we are heading.

Revision: Compass Conundrum
Cubs are seated in the positions of the compass. A story is read and each time a compass point is mentioned, that cub stands up turns around and sits down.
(If you would like the story, please email me).

I am glad we are back on track but did you notice all those wonderful plants?
Kim's Game: Feel the Flora and Fauna
Cubs are blindfolded and given items from nature to feel
eg - stone, sand, flower, leaf, thorn etc.

I am so happy that we are scouts and can have such good adventures!
Circle Game: If you're happy
Cubs are names after bikes - Honda, Harley, Yamaha. When one is called, all those with that name run around and see who can get back first.
Badges being handed out.

A very important ceremony took place on Friday - going up for 4 of our cubs.
Congratulations and well done to everyone. Good luck at scouts - we know you will have a great time!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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