Friday, May 21, 2010

Australian Farm Boot - 21st May 2010

We had such fun today being Australian Farmers....
.... but first we joined the Kangaroos and went hopping all over the place!
If the whistle blew once, the cubs had to continue hopping; if it blew 3 times the cubs had to hop together into bundles of three ... and so on.

Our Australian farmers.... just waiting for their sheep to shear!

Each Six were given a blown up balloon, some shaving cream and a razor and we had to see who could shave their sheep the fastest!

What fun!

and you can imagine the fun and games were to start sooner or later!
... and we had shaving cream all over ....

"Look mom, my shirt is a bit white!"

But everyone had fun!

On to some learning and the Caracals did Road Safety.
They are all bright as buttons and knew all the answers!

These little booklets come from the Transport Dept and are given away freely.

Aborigine masks were made next with the cubs colouring them in brightly.

Beautiful work.

The leopards cooked over the fire.

Smart masks

Raksha handing out badges that Kevin sent us from the USA for taking part in the skype chat.
Thank you Kevin for the badges!

There are lots of flies in Australia and here the cubs were shooting them down (with a water pistol!)
This is another firm favourite of the cubs.... but then again, water and cubs go well together!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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