Friday, May 14, 2010

Bubblegum on my Flip Flops - 14th May 2010

Today we had some great fun in the sun!

... with our suntan lotion, brolly and flip flops ... we were all set for the beach!
so it was off with those shoes for a run along the sand.
Cubs lined up and lay down with shoelaces untied. On the blow of the whistle they kicked their shoes backwards..... all jumped up and where their shoe had landed placed it back on the foot and kicked it backwards again.

Many mysterious and wonderous things are picked up on the beach ... Let's see what is in King Neptunes treasure trove!

Cubs were blind folded and walked through the game.
They had to fee and remember all.

What is this?
A sea snake??

"I'll look cool in these"

It was then time to do some fishing for supper and see what lurks in our waters!

In relay formation, each cub came forward and fished out a special fish of their choice - looked at it and had to name it to the leader, ran back and the next one came up.

Easy, recognisable fish were used - such as
sea horse

"Look, I have caught something"

... a shark! ....

It was getting very hot on the beach and an umbrella was really needed.

So we folded paper this way and that...

cut it a bit here and there

and yipee!
an umbrella to keep us cool!

After an exciting day spent on the beach it was time to quieten down and relax.

Raksha took them through some yoga exercises as well as some quick breathing routines.

This was all done in a fun way....

and they did not even realise they were stretching and bending....

and all too soon it was time to finish up and hand out interest badges.

two of our cubs received their family camping badges

and three received their world friendship badges.
Well done to all.

Till next Week
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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