Saturday, August 26, 2006


The Mad Hatter's tea party was just that - mad, crazy and fun for all! Each cub started off by making their very own, specially crafted "mad hat" and as you can see some where quite ingenious.

What followed was "The Mad Hatters Quiz" - a quiz of nonsense questions with the cub with the least amount of answers correct, the winner! This entitled him or her to the first choice of specially prepared tea!

("Teas" ranged from Smarties, Jelly-Tots, Crunchies, Biscuits, Liquorice All Sorts, etc
put into polystyrene cups and sealed so that nobody could see what they were taking.)

Some happy "Mad Hatter" tea drinkers.
Games relating to the theme were played in between all the above, making it a happy and fun programme for all.
Akela Joy

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