Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pow Wow - 2006

Not only is Cubbing a whole lot of fun for the cubs but it is great lot of fun for the leaders as well. Every two years a National Pow Wow is held somewhere in South Africa. This year Durban was lucky enough to host this event.

This is the Gauteng contingent - well over 40 delegates.

The theme was HERITAGE and at the banquet at the end of the weekend, each province has to do a skit. Here is Gauteng doing the Gum Boot Dance which is a traditional dance that the black miners did many years back to "talk" to each other in code so that the white bosses would not understand.

A visit to the iShaka Water World and Aquarium was certainly a rewarding and most beautiful experience. Dolphins certainly have a special place in my heart. This is Ruth and myself inside the aquarium.

A collection of coral.

An evening of fun and games! Here some of the leaders - apple bobbing!

Some craft work - making animal puppets.

And finally.... what would going to Durban be without taking a trip to the beach! Nevermind that the wind was howling and gusting! As you can see these fearless Gautengers waded in the water and took a gentle "stroll" up the beach and back while others waited patiently in the restaurants or any availble shetler they could find!

Pow Wow is certainly not to be missed. It is a time to make new friends as well as renew old friendships; it is a time of laughter and fun while learning and sharing new ideas and skills to bring home to the pack to teach the cubs.

The next Pow Wow takes place in Cape Town in May 2008 - see you all there!

Akela Joy

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