Saturday, September 07, 2013

Energetic Earthworms at 6th Benoni - 6th September

It was a visit to 6th Benoni tonight and join in with those energetic "earthworms"
 Some great mind games!
A rope was laid on the floor in a circle.  Cubs on the outside.  A CI was inside and when he called UP you had to jump inside the circle and when he shouted DOWN you had to jump outside the circle.  VERY confusing but such fun!

 Akela then told them a lovely yarn about an earthworm

 and then the earthworms went underground!
 and had to feel all the goodies around them

 Telling the CI what he felt

 being earthworms (and cleaning the floor!)

 Some of the cubs had worked very hard and were awarded their Interest Badges
 Well done!
Till Next Time
Keep Cubbing
AKela Joy

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