Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friendships around the World - 20th October 2006

Being the Joti/Jota weekend, we celebrated friendship around the world. Here the cubs are playing a game - singing like opera stars at Covent Gardens!
Dean and Thorisa - our great opera singers!

Cheese from Holland! Nishlan is seeing how far he can roll this cheese!

We received a wonderful scrapbook from 1st Otumoetai Cubs in Tauranga New Zealand. It is jam-packed full of information about their Pack. We are also going to put together a scrapbook for them about Benoni and South Africa. Here the Cubs are busy telling them about what we do at 9th Benoni and a little about themselves.

Our Friendshop Totem is made up from the different characters from the Jungle Book. The pictures I have included show the cubs sticking their Jungle Characters onto the cups making up the final totem. Aren't they great!

See you all next week

Akela Joy

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