Saturday, November 04, 2006

Guy Fawkes - 3rd November 2006

This was certainly a campfire to remember! ..... a floating campfire! But let me start from the beginning.
The cubs joined the scouts for a fun "guy fawkes" programme. The evening started off with the cubs trying to catch "rockets" that the scouts were shooting up. This is a bottle half filled with water, inverted into a contraption and air pumped into it with a pump. Eventually it just shoots off ..... the cubs love this activity.
Each cub then had a sparkler to light while the scouts got the fireworks display ready in Arrow Park. We watched as the rockets were set off, one by one, illuminating the dark night sky with their beautiful colours.
Floating campfire.

A trip in a million..

Cubs were loaded onto boats and paddled across the dam to Arrow Park where the floating campfire was waiting for us. You can just imagine how excited all the cubs were!

Lighting sparklers

Cubs catching the "water bottle rocket"

Until next week.... keep cubbing

Akela Joy

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