Friday, January 12, 2007

Terrific Tortoises - 12 January 2007

After a much deserved holiday, our cubs are back in full swing!
Our theme this term is "Creepy Crawlies" - and our first programme being Terrific Tortoises.

After a bit of Turtle Tag the cubs had to decide what our darling, little tortoise was happy to eat. Different foods were placed in "flowers" and the cubs had to decide if these would have been acceptable. Some included nutmeg, cinnamon, cucumber, orange, lettuce, custard!
Rebecca - our Pack Helper - who has a vast knowledge on animals, brought along a baby tortoise. After giving a short talk on the tortoise to all the cubs, they were told they could name the tortoise! - they decided that SCOUT would be a good name. ( I suppose he does "scout" around for food!)

Rebecca showing Kendra how the craft tortoises are made.

Tortoise Gang! ready for the tortoise race!

and our very own tortoise!
Until next week
Keep Cubbing.
Akela Joy

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