Friday, April 20, 2007

One World One Promise - 23 April 2007

We ran our Centenury Programme on Friday 23rd April which coincided with St Georges Day - St George being the patron saint of Scouting.
After explaining that Scouting is found in all four corners of the world we played a quick game of North, South, East and West where the compass points are countries.

We then visited some countries around the world. Cubs were shown flags of these countries and chose which one they would like to colour in.

Here we have 2 of our Cheetahs learning how to strike a match....

and some cubs doing Woodcraft Trails.

As the Scouting movement, we are "one world - one promise" and our next game really showed this. Cubs were put into a relay formation and had to run up, one at a time, collect one item and return to build the Cub Promise.

...... and here we have it completed.

One of our New Chumbs being invested with his dad putting on his cap.
Till next week
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

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