Friday, June 08, 2007

Pack Meeting 1 June 2007

Our story of the Jungle Book continues.
Before we get started, let me explain what our "funny money" is. Each week our cubs bring along with them a little bit of their pocket money. This money is collected and counted and goes towards a worthy cause. After this meeting we counted what was in this bottle and it totalled a wopping R295. With this money we have purchased stationery for the poor - as part of our National Cub Challenge.
This week we learnt about Kaa's Hunting expedition.
A game that we played was that all cubs sit in a circle and one cub who represents Kaa who has a "tail" tied onto him, runs on the outside. He taps someone on the shoulder and they must chase Kaa until caught. If caught, they become Kaa.... and so on.

Kaa got extremely hungry and he agreed to go to the Cold Lairs to help rescue Mowgli but first he need to shed some skin to make space for all the monkeys he was going to eat!
He the cubs are shedding their skin.

While we were busy in the Cold Lairs, our partners were trying to be like Chil and learn to fly!
1st Benoni - next door - were having fun on the aerial runway.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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