Saturday, June 09, 2007

Red Flower - 8th June

Today in the Jungle we learnt about Red Flower - the fire!Fire is very dangerous! and here the cubs are making sure they avoid the fire!
The cubs stand in a cirlce while the leader swings a bottle around on the end of a rope while the cubs jump over it.
While telling the cubs the story of the Red Flower, they learnt that Mowgli had to get the Red Flower from the Village. Cubs were blindfolded and lay on the floor around a lit candle. A chosen cub had to take an unlit candle and work his way to the centre to light his candle without being heard. If heard, the cub must put out his hand.
With our fire we decided to do some cooking ..... in a shoebox! We made delicious bananas and marshmallows!

Our little oven!

Cubs preparing their feast!

While their food was cooking, the Lions checked that they knew all the safety rules for fire.

Making sure of Fire Safety.

The Cheetahs were learning to tell the time.....

while the Leopards were learning what to do in an Emergency.

..... and then the food was ready!

Scrumptious, mushy marshmallow and bananas.

Time to eat!
Till next week...
Keeep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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