Saturday, August 04, 2007

J is for Jamboree

That is right! J is for Jamboree, which one day you may be lucky enough to attend.
When asked why a Jamboree was called a Jamboree, BP said: "Well what else could you call it!" It began in quite a small way. It was hoped to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Scouting in 1917, in some way or other, but there was a war on and it wasn't till 1920 that what was to be the first Jamboree, was held. It wasn't quite like the Jamborees which were to follow as it was an indoor display and exhibition at Olympia, while a camp for Scouts who wished to attend it was held in the Old Deer Park, Richmond.
It was a tremendous success although its pattern wasn't to be repeated: the pattern of future Jamborees was set at the second at which the Danish Scouts were the hosts of the Scouting world. They planned the Jamboree as a camp where Scouts of all nations might meet to become friends to share different ways of camping and pioneering, to entertain one another at camp fires and arena shows and to enjoy just being together.
And this is what the Jamborees - although differeing in detail of course, according to place and time and opportunity - have been ever since.
(The Scout Annual - 1957)

Here are the dates and places of others:
1933 3rd Godollo Hungary
1937 5th Holland
1947 6th France
1951 7th Austria
1955 8th Canada
1957 9th UK
1959 10th Philippines
1963 11th Greece
1967 12th USA
1971 13th Japan
1975 14th Norway
1979 15th Was cancelled
1983 15th Canada
1987 16th Australia
1991 17th South Korea
1995 18th Netherlands
1999 19th Chile
2003 20th Thailand
2007 21st UK (Brownsea Island)

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