Friday, August 31, 2007

Alien Attack - 31 August 2007

After having fun building their spaceship, deciding what equipment needed to go on board, cubs had to climb out of the spacecraft using the "ladder."

Here they are stepping very tentatively!

This was a fun meeting with many games and activites one of which was when they were blindfolded whilst sitting in a circle and "alien" items were passed around during a story. "It was cold and dark on Planet Kryptolite. As I walked down the ladder I felt something touch my cheeck (pass a feather duster over all the cubs faces). I was scared but nevertheless took the next step. My foot touched something that I was not familiar with so I bent down to get a better understanding.... it felt all mushy (let each cub feel some jelly in a bowl)"........ and so it went on. The cubs imaginations go crazy!

After getting over that scary episode, they settled down to imagine and draw the alien they saw on this planet. A nice way to end off a cub meeting.

Till next time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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