Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gilwell Reunion - 2007

Our Gilwell Reunion was held on Saturday 1st September 2007 at Gilwell in Florida (South AFrica). Approximately 110 Woodbadge holders joined together to once again renew their Promise.
The universal Woodbadge Scarf with tartan patch and two little beads.

Happy Birthday Scouting!

As the Ceremony was opened, the oldest person in attendance was asked to blow out the candles on this beautiful cake.

We have a beautiful and tranquil, open-air chapel at Gilwell where our Scouts Own was held.

The log books have pages dating back to the early 1900's! Here one of the guests keeps up this tradition by putting his name to paper.

For prosperity, it was decided that group photos would be taken and each group would do a scrapbooking page which would be framed and hung at Gilwell. Here we have some of the guests busily organising themselves.

One of the 6 completed pages.

Dinner is served!

The entertainment for the evening was provided by Pazzaz!
A show not to be missed!
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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