Friday, January 18, 2008


Most of our cubs returned after the private school holidays and we were almost back to a full house! Our theme this week was "a bit of magic" - it had rained the entire day and when we opened it was still raining. Just as we stepped outside, it stopped - so that in itself was "a bit of magic!"

Our first game - Disappearing Balls - had the cubs running around a bit! A whole lot of paper balls were scattered about the field. The cubs had to collect the paper balls and place them into the bucket but one cub was nominated to empty the bucket instead of putting balls into the bucket! This was quite hilarious as the cubs did not catch on at first.
After completing our Instruction for the relevant Advancement Groups we progressed onto our Magic Bottles! The cubs thoroughly enjoyed making their own "flying balloon" and were intrigued as to how it actually worked.

Cubs helping each other...

Having fun....

.... and what it is all about!

And of course what would magic be without a magic wand!

Each Cub made and decorated their own wand to take home....

Shavanah and Nishlan showing off their beautiful and enchanting wands.
Next week, if you dare, join us for Fear Factor!
Till then
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


  1. How lovely! I wish it was summer here - Sweden is dreary, dark, wet and windy. So next week's meeting will be about stars - it is still dark enough at half 5 to go out and see them "live"...

  2. Hi there - we have such wonderful weather here in South Africa - we are really spoilt. I was reading your blog the other day with you saying you wanted to do the Jungle Book again - let me know if you need any info should you like to try those programmes again at any stage. Happy Hunting...