Friday, January 11, 2008

A is for Adventure!

Cubs was back in full swing today and we started our meeting off with some "adventure warm ups". Cubs had to blow up a balloon and tie it to one of their legs. On the blow of the whistle they had to run around whilst the other cubs tried to pop their balloons!
Cubs love any game involving balloons!
Trying to avoid being caught!

Down to the last 2 cubs!

During our Instruction Time, the Lion Cubs learnt a little bit on repairs and here Rikki is showing them how to repair a leaking tap.
The Leopards learnt about the importance of the Outdoor Code whilst the Leaping Wolf Cubs did Street Maps.
Whilst on our wild adventure travelling throught the jungles of India we came across a herd of elephants and in true cub fashion had to imitate them! Here the cubs are doing the elephant walk.

Walking through the mangrove was not easy and the cubs had to climb through branches and shrubs to get to the amazing waterfall they had heard all about.

The waterfall was truly amazing - splashing water everywhere but at the bottom it cascaded down forming a unique whirlpool which the cubs had to navigate to ensure their path further along in the jungle.
They could hear Chil the Kite high up in the sky, calling to them..... and in reply all the cubs had to climb a suspended tyre in order to ring a bell in answer.
It was now getting dangerous. As they approached the river, they could see the crocodiles lazing in the sun. The cubs knew they had to make a dash for the other side..... and this is just what they did!

Nearly home at last..... they only had to negotiate the Black Hills and they would be out of the jungle and back with Akela in the Den.
The cubs enjoyed this obstacle course so much that they begged us to do it again!

Our next fun adventure was a Treasure Hunt. Pictures were placed at stategic spots and cubs had to first of all find the picture, think where it was and go off and look if there was another picture there. Missing out one picture would cause disaster as they would then be out of sync and they would not be able to find the treasure chest.

Our first team to find the treasure chest of sweets!

Our next team to find their treasure chest.
Well done to both teams.
Next week we plan to have just as much fun! Do join us then!
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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